Monday, December 14, 2009

electric relaxation



Forever 21 Tee. Urban Outfitters Leggings. Macys Shoes. Nordstrom & Vintage Necklaces

This was the outfit that I wore to school today. I got these leggings so long ago for a Haloween costume (cat woman) and I've been in love with them ever since :) I just noticed that my shirt almost blends in with the wall! But its actually a really bright hilighter yellow color (my wall is lime greenish)

Listening to: A Tribe Called Quest, its some good rap music (haha I'm usually more of the acoustic/ raggae type) but this is really good I've been in such a rap mood lately I've made like 4 playlists just of rap its ridiculous! Atmosphere is also REALLY good check them out! I like Happy Mess and Sunshine

Only 4 more days of school until break, I'm so physced!

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